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We all face a variety of potential threats, both natural and man-made. Many individuals and organizations have been impacted by natural disasters, workplace violence and terrorist attacks over the past several years, and losses are increasing.


With rising acts of violence, pandemic complications and the never ending possibilities of natural disasters, there is an increase of demand for incident and emergency management. 


The impact from these undesirable events has government and insurance regulators increasingly requiring organizations to take a more proactive approach to incident and emergency management. That process can be confusing, time consuming and if not done correctly, cost organizations valuable time, revenue and reputation.


To address those issues, the following services are available.

REDI for Emergencies Software Program

The REDI for Emergencies Software Program has been designed to assist in the incident and emergency management development process. It is a secure web based software tool that can help manage all aspects of your emergency operations plan. The software offers multiple options designed to assist organizations both large and small, private or public in their planning, response, and recovery. The REDI Program is also capable of uploading floor plans and 360 degree imaging of your rooms, hallways or corridors. The program also meets the National Incident Management System (NIMS) compliance standard.


Situational Awareness (SIT-AWARE) Event Management Program

The Sit-Aware Program is a secure web based event tracking tool that allows an administrator to hand-pick individuals at any level for access to the software during emergency or non-emergency events. All users can enter, track, upload files and share relevant information regarding the incident or event, continuity of operations and executive policy decisions regarding acceptable actions. Once the event has cleared, Sit-Aware can provide leadership with a detailed event log for after action review, track expenditure, personnel, volunteers and other resources used.

Emergency Response Plan Review

The Emergency Response Plan (ERP) Review Program is an affordable way to have an independent review of your organization's ERP. Your plan will be reviewed by a subject matter expert and evaluated to see if it meets the minimum standards set by Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 1600) as well as any standards or best practice established within your industry. Once the process is completed, you will receive a detailed report highlighting any gaps along with recommendations on how to achieve desired standards. Let’s Get Started!

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Specialized Training Services

Training is the cornerstone to the success of any emergency response plan and training is a skill set we excel in. Working with a number of emergency response teams we can take the newest team members and have them making meaningful contributions in no time. From tabletop exercises to full scale events, we can challenge your team to think outside the box. Let’s talk about your team and it's needs!

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